WordPress Theme Files Execution Hierarchy

As you know I also write for the wp tuts site which is great resource for the wordpress development. Yesterday they have published my one of the article for very useful infomation in wordpress theme development.

Here are some excepts from that article:

This article will show the WordPress theme file execution hierarchy. In short, we’ll look at which files get served up when you load a page in WordPress. You might already know that detail post is served by single.php and detail page is served by page.php, but WordPress will search for different files depending on a variety of factors, so we’ll be looking at how this works!

First thing we should establish is this: without index.php and style.css your theme is no longer a valid WordPress theme… so it stands to reason that if all you have is those two files, each page will you try to load will be served up by index.php.

This article cover the execution hierarchy of the below page types:

  1. Home Page
  2. WordPress Post Detail
  3. WordPress Page Detail
  4. Category Page
  5. Tag Page
  6. Taxonomy Page
  7. Author Page
  8. Attachment Page
  9. Date Page
  10. Archive Page
  11. Search Page
  12. 404 Page

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