What’s New in PHP 5.6

Another post for tuts+ and this time its all about latest version of PHP which is PHP 5.6. In this article we will discuss about change log of PHP 5.6.


  1. Backward Incompatible Changes
    • json_decode
    • GMP Resources
    • Mcrypt
    • Array Values and Overwriting
  2. New Features in PHP 5.6
    • Constant Scalar Expressions
    • Variadic Functions via “…”
    • Argument Unpacking
    • ** Shorthand
    • phpdbg
    • __debugInfo()
    • Default Character Encoding
    • Large File Upload
    • php://input is reusable
    • use function and use const
  3. Deprecated Features
    • Call From Incompatible Context
    • Encoding Setting
  4. List of Changed Functions
  5. List of New Functions

This is just an outline of article, you can read full article on Tuts+ for What’s New in PHP 5.6.

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