Microsoft’s Internet explorer 9 have to struggle in market

Microsoft may have hard time building healthy market share for its new Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) because it doesn’t work on machine running with XP.


Internet Explorer 9

Just before 2 days Microsoft have released a new browser Internet Explorer 9 Beta. According to analysts microsoft may have hard time to make healthy market shared because IE9 won’t run on XP which is aged but still most used operating system.

Microsoft have removed XP from the supported OS list because, among other things, IE 9 speeds up page rendering by tapping the graphic processor in newer PCs. Windows XP lacks support for the Direct2D API, which IE9 is using to speep up content rebdering.

The decision means that only a subset of machines will be able to run IE9, either in its preview or final form, untill those systems and Windows XP are replaced by new hardware and Windows7.

Worldwide, Windows XP PCs outnumber all other Windows-equipped machines by two to one, according to the most recent statistics from Web metrics company Net Applications.

In August, Windows XP powered 66.7% of the globe’s Windows systems that went online in the month, while the three-year-old Vista accounted for 15.3% and 2009’s Windows 7 for 17.4%.

Older versions of Windows, including Windows 2000, Windows 98 and Windows Millennium, made up the small remainder.

Source : Computer World

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