3 Coding Languages to Kick Off Your Programming Journey

Low-level coding is not as hard as many people assume it to be. According to Michael Morgan and Matthew Butler from Monash University’s IT college, the real challenge is in high-level programming. The drop-out rate for a typical computer science class is at 25%, according to the Higher Education Authority.

Some languages have steeper learning curves that others. Aharon Yadin from The Max Stern Academic College of Emek Yezreel in Israel said that starting with Python reduces the drop out from coding classes by up to 77%, for example. It is better to start with the relatively easier languages before moving on to the complex coding languages. Here are three of the simpler languages that are recommended for beginners.


C++ is the step-up language from C. It is considered a fundamental programming language because it addresses the beginning of computer programming. C++ is not necessarily applicable for the learner as a language for writing code that he or she will use in the future, but it is a useful tool for learning how to think like a programmer. C++ teaches the student how to define the problem, create a plan of action and follow through with execution. C++ is used in a wide variety of applications ranging from robotics to video games. Learning it, therefore, will equip a beginner with the basics of programming.


Some experts recommend Python as the first coding language to learn. It was developed in the 1980s by Guido van Rossum. He then gave the language to the Python Software Foundation, which in turn set up the rules. Python is an open source language. That means it can be used by anyone for any purpose, including commercial purposes, for free. Python is predominantly a scripting language, meaning that it is best used for creating easy-to-read code in a short time. Python is a high-level flexible language and as such is used for many applications. With the language being open source, there is a ton of documentation and instructional material that is freely available online for beginners.


Java is an object-oriented programming language that was developed by Oracle. It is one of the most enduring languages as it is found in almost all applications written in code. The wide use makes it a valuable tool to learn. Java is not easy to learn. However, there are many places where coding can be learnt for free, so anyone willing to dedicate time and effort can master coding in Java. The language fosters analytical and logical thinking, all skills which are invaluable in coding.

Regardless what language you choose to start with, the most important thing is the application of effort and time.

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