Windows 8 is just two years away

In the blog of their Dutch website Microsoft have mentioned about the next version of the Windows OS. Windows 8 is in works now, but it will not hit to the market place for next two years.

According to the Slide Deck, New version of Windows should include Windows App store similar to Apple release for the Mac, login via facial recognition and faster boot time.

Also on that time Apple is releasing the Mac OS X Lion operating system, so it seems that Windows 8 have to come up with some impressive features to stay competitive in market.

One thing is that, Three year of gap in the release of the new operating system in nothing new for Microsoft. Windows 7 was released on one year ago this month, just two and half years after Windows Vista became available to most of the customers. One more thing is that there is five years of gap in between Windows XP and Vista.

With a two year of time, it should still give users a enough amount of time to use Windows 7 before accepting that it’s time to update. The turnaround time for a new operating system would be notably reduced from prior history, including the long and dread amount of time it took for Microsoft to appropriate Vista with Windows 7.

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