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How to Animate the Applications Based on AngularJS

As a JavaScript framework, AngularJS has emerged as a truly amazing tool for building the single page applications. And this single page app structure goes a long way in giving our website the appeal of a native mobile application. The area where AngularJS truly makes a remarkable difference is that it lets us ad effects […]

Top reasons to choose HTML5 – Infographic

HTML5 is the most popular framework at the moment without doubt and with sound reason. HTML5 is fresh and devoid of unnecessary, winding codes that are ubiquitous to traditional web developers. A whiff of fresh air, HTML5 DocType chops off long lines of code and dirty head tags. Creating a clear and descriptive code is […]

Understanding The Concept of Off-canvas Menu Design

The off-canvas menu design has been increasingly becoming a much sought-after design pattern for many websites. The design is gaining popularity as the primary navigation pattern that looks great on both mobile as well as desktop layouts. It’s a much strategic way of maintaining context while giving a required level of information and a sense of satisfaction to the visitor.

HTML5 Page Visibility API

After very long time I have written for tuts+ network and this time its about HTML5 Page Visibility API. Here I am going to grab extract of that full article. In earlier days, we had browsers that did not feature tabbed browsing, but today when you look at all browsers available, we can see that […]

Detect HTML5 Features

HTML5 is taking major market share nowadays, there are number of good features released with HTML5 which can help us to make the web better place. Most of the features are available in all major latest browsers so we can use most of the features. But the fact is we should not forget old browsers […]

Take Webpage Screenshot with HTML5 and JavaScript

Here I come with the one quick tip related to HTML5 and JavaScript. This is about to take webpage screenshot using HTML5 and JavaScript code only. Yes you have read it correct its using HTML5 and JavaScript only. :) Without wasting much time let’s have a look at code and yes working example for sure. […]

HTML5 Autofocus Explained

Autofocus is also one of the important enhancement in HTML5. In OLD days we used to achieve this with JavaScript code. But now this can be achieved with the HTML code only. We just need add one more attributes to the HTML element. For example if you look at the Google Homepage; cursor is automatically […]

Poll of the Month – August 2012

This month’s poll is about to get idea of most Liked feature of the HTML5. No doubt HTML5 is the great thing around in the web now a days. But it arrived with so many new features and functionality. So all people like the HTML5 for one or another reason. So in this POLL I […]