Store PHP Session in MemCache

By defualt PHP stores the session in file and these setting are defined in php.ini file. It would have two settings for saving the sessions in file.

If you are not sure what is the session save path then you should read this post about Session Save Path in PHP.

Be default it will have below lines in your php.ini file.

session.save_handler = files session.save_path = "/session save path/"
  session.save_handler = files
  session.save_path = "/session save path/"

To save your sessions using memcache you need to change your php.ini lines to below lines. To save your session using memcache you will need below details to get it done.

  1. Memcache Server
  2. Memcache Port

After getting these details you will need to comment above lines and need to place below lines.

session.save_handler = memcache session.save_path="tcp://server:port?persistent=1&weight=1&timeout=1"
  session.save_handler = memcache

After making these changes you will need to restart your web server. Here what we are instructing php to set session handler to memcache and in next line we are defining the save path for session.

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