11 Quick Tips: Securing Your WordPress Site

Recently I have started writing for tutsplus network. As wordpress is a big interest of mine I have submitted one article to wp.tutsplus.com before few days.

One of the article is plublished on that site now.

In this post I have explained about securing the wordpress site with few Quick Tips. This tips covers verious points like protecting files, protecting important folders, protecting the database, etc.

Tips which I have covered are as below:

01) Stay Updated
02) Create Custom Secret Keys for Your wp-config.php File
03) Change the Database Prefix
04) Protect Your wp-config.php File
05) Protect Your .htaccess File
06) Hide Your WordPress Version
07) Install WordPress Security Scan Plugin
08) Limit The Number of Failed Login Attempts
09) Ask Apache Password Protect
10) Don’t Use “admin” As Your Username (and Pick Strong Passwords)
11) Last but not Least, Backup!

You can find the full article at below URL

Securing your WordPress site

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