Prestashop 1.6 Review and Feature List

In earlier days people were not much used to performing online shopping especially while sharing their confidential information like credit card, debit card and bank account details. But the time has changed now and people have started believing on online purchasing rather than standing in long lines in shopping malls.

mysql_connect v/s mysql_pconnect

When you tried to connect to the MySQL database using PHP, you will find two types of functions for connection.

Magento: Change Database Prefix

In this quick article we will see how you can perform database table prefix change for Magento.

Types of MVC: Conventional v/s Configurable

Now a days all the applications are being created using the MVC architecture, as it a most powerful and successful way to develop the application. In this article we will see comparison of different types of MVC architecture we have

Magento: Get Payment Method name using Order ID

In this quick tip we will see how how we can get Payment Method name using the Magento Order ID. This will be very useful when you dealing with creating your own extension. Here article title is self explanatory that we are trying to accomplish, so without wasting time let’s look at the code block.

Magento: Set, Get and Unset Session Variable

In this quick article we will see how we can deal with Session variable in Magento. Here dealing include set new variable, get value of existing variable and deleting existing variable.

Check URL Existence with PHP

In this article we will see how to Check URL Existence with PHP. Here existence means we are checking content which we are requesting is available on server or not.

Contact Form 7: Redirect After Form Submission

Trick in this post may or may not be that much useful to developers, but for SEO guys I am sure this is going to be very useful. Well, Contact form 7 is the most used contact form plugin of best blogging platform which is WordPress.