6 Major Enhancements in Java 8, Programmers Should Be Aware Of

If you’re a Java programmer, then you’ll most likely be familiar with Oracle JDK (Java Development Kit) 8. Java 8 has been one of the most anticipated version of Java that introduces lots of new features, improvements and bug fixes, thereby enhancing the efficiency of Java professionals in developing and running programs. In this post, […]

Understanding The Concept of Off-canvas Menu Design

The off-canvas menu design has been increasingly becoming a much sought-after design pattern for many websites. The design is gaining popularity as the primary navigation pattern that looks great on both mobile as well as desktop layouts. It’s a much strategic way of maintaining context while giving a required level of information and a sense of satisfaction to the visitor.

What’s New in PHP 5.6

Another post for tuts+ and this time its all about latest version of PHP which is PHP 5.6. In this article we will discuss about change log of PHP 5.6. Backward Incompatible Changes json_decode GMP Resources Mcrypt Array Values and Overwriting New Features in PHP 5.6 Constant Scalar Expressions Variadic Functions via “…” Argument Unpacking […]

HTML5 Page Visibility API

After very long time I have written for tuts+ network and this time its about HTML5 Page Visibility API. Here I am going to grab extract of that full article. In earlier days, we had browsers that did not feature tabbed browsing, but today when you look at all browsers available, we can see that […]

Detect HTML5 Features

HTML5 is taking major market share nowadays, there are number of good features released with HTML5 which can help us to make the web better place. Most of the features are available in all major latest browsers so we can use most of the features. But the fact is we should not forget old browsers […]

Beware of foreach Loop in PHP

You must be surprised/scared after reading title of this article. But I would say yes, foreach loop can create very confusing bug in your program/application if it has not been used in proper way. I will demonstrate the same in this article. P.S.: This article does to mean to say foreach loop always creates problem, […]

Abstract Class vs Interface in PHP

This can be never ending discussion for group of developers. Yes its true because at a first glance Abstract Class and Interface doing the same thing. Before reading further if you want to look in details for both concepts then you can follow links below: Abstract Class in PHP Interface in PHP So I hope […]

Few important Variables in WordPress

WordPress is very good at extending functionality using plugins and good amount of action hook and filter hooks. When you look at core of WordPress it has many variables available which can help them (WordPress Team but in fact its available to us as well) to make code conditionally based on various browser type and […]