Free Download: Sweet Candy UI Kit

How about freebies guys? From the folks at Pixelkit, we are giving PSD download of a Sweet Candy UI Kit. Just have a look at glimpse of it and download it from link below. Download it, enjoy it and share it with your friends

Guideline To Efficiently Design For Mobile Without Using Mobile

Indubitably, an efficient mobile presence has become inevitably essential for businesses to reach a gigantic mobile consumer base. Therefore, if one wants to enhance their business value by efficiently targeting mobile users, an exquisite mobile design is paramount. This has further accentuated the demand for designers who can create innovative and intuitive designs that best […]

Unleashing The List of Best Java Libraries for Developers

It has been rightly said that you can’t do the job right without the right set of tools. And if you are a Java developer then you must be knowing how important the tools and libraries could be. Fortunately, there are plenty of Java libraries available that make it simpler for you to write Java […]

9 Tweaks to Functions.php that can Tailor Your WordPress Site

Being an aspiring WordPress developer, it’s essential for you to figure out the nuts and bolts of functions.php file. It’s an integral part of the WordPress core and plays a huge role when it comes to developing or modifying a theme. Functions.php file is a core file within your theme and gives you enough control […]

6 Major Enhancements in Java 8, Programmers Should Be Aware Of

If you’re a Java programmer, then you’ll most likely be familiar with Oracle JDK (Java Development Kit) 8. Java 8 has been one of the most anticipated version of Java that introduces lots of new features, improvements and bug fixes, thereby enhancing the efficiency of Java professionals in developing and running programs. In this post, […]

Understanding The Concept of Off-canvas Menu Design

The off-canvas menu design has been increasingly becoming a much sought-after design pattern for many websites. The design is gaining popularity as the primary navigation pattern that looks great on both mobile as well as desktop layouts. It’s a much strategic way of maintaining context while giving a required level of information and a sense of satisfaction to the visitor.

What’s New in PHP 5.6

Another post for tuts+ and this time its all about latest version of PHP which is PHP 5.6. In this article we will discuss about change log of PHP 5.6. Backward Incompatible Changes json_decode GMP Resources Mcrypt Array Values and Overwriting New Features in PHP 5.6 Constant Scalar Expressions Variadic Functions via “…” Argument Unpacking […]

HTML5 Page Visibility API

After very long time I have written for tuts+ network and this time its about HTML5 Page Visibility API. Here I am going to grab extract of that full article. In earlier days, we had browsers that did not feature tabbed browsing, but today when you look at all browsers available, we can see that […]