A Guide for Creating Translatable WordPress Themes

English is the most illustrated language, used over the Internet, but still there are thousands of other languages available in the World. It is important to add all languages over the internet. Over the past few years, the demand for transferable themes and plugins is increasing. Therefore, it is necessary to create transferable WordPress themes […]

15 Reasons Why Your Business Should Embrace A Mobile Solution

With a wide array of business enterprises investing heavily in the mobile promotional channel, it doesn’t come as a surprise that more and more consumers have started using their smartphones and tablets for accessing products and services. Knowing the fact that around 91% of people keep their smartphones within 3 feet of themselves, 24 hours […]

Why AngularJS is a Well-Liked Front-end Development Tool?

AngularJS popularity as the JavaScript framework is increasing at a steady rate. While there are many other great Javascript frameworks available out there, but looking at Google Trends (as shown in the screen shot below), AngularJS appears to be the most dominant framework compared to EmberJS and BackboneJS in terms of ‘interest over time’. What’s […]

Common Mistakes Graphic Designers Should Avoid Making

Graphic designing is a creative field, but that doesn’t mean that it is starved of rules, best practices, and guidelines that together help a designer come up with a truly beguiling website. While graphic designers have made great leaps in augmenting their knowledge and skills on the UX and UI elements, but it’s about understanding […]

Web Design 101: Responsive Design for Smartwatches

With the advent of mobile technology, it is a challenge for designers and developers alike to come up with websites responsive to all screen sizes. In the last couple of years, they’ve managed to overcome this hitch for smartphones and tablets, allowing its users to browse through the internet conveniently. Photo Credit: Janitors via Compfight […]

Design Patterns: The Facade Pattern

Recently I have started to writing article series for Tuts+, and this time topic is very interesting which is “Design Patterns“. In this series of tutorials, we will cover some different design patterns that are available to us in programming. You’ll learn about their pros and cons, and factors that indicate where we should use […]

Key Considerations For Designing A Cross Platform Application

Designing an application that is targeting multiple platform is not a child’s play. There are several factors that need to be considered to ensure a surefire display over every targeted device. Indubitably, by creating a cross-platform application, you can target a wider audience base and leverage your business more efficiently. But, since, different devices embrace […]

How to Animate the Applications Based on AngularJS

As a JavaScript framework, AngularJS has emerged as a truly amazing tool for building the single page applications. And this single page app structure goes a long way in giving our website the appeal of a native mobile application. The area where AngularJS truly makes a remarkable difference is that it lets us ad effects […]