MySql Database Connection with PDO

In previous post I have introduced some basic introduction about the PDO ( PHP DATA OBJECT ).

Make your site looks cool for dynamic text with cufon | cufon generator

Cufon is the fast text replacement with canvas and VML, no flash or images required for this.

Redirect some pages from http to https using apache mod_rewrite

In previous post ( here ) I have described that how can we redirect all pages of any website from http to https protocol. In some case you want that only some of the pages to redirect to https but not all pages. In that case the code in above post will not work hence […]

Sliding Hover menu using mootools 1.2 | Menu hover effect using mootools 1.2 tween effect

Recently I was surfing and found one very stylish menu built in flash. It was just awesome.

SEO Friendly Interactive Tag Cloud using mootools 1.2 | Sexy Tag Cloud Script using Mootools 1.2

I have been searching in internet for interactive tag cloud which will be eye catching at the first site.

Redirect http to https using Apache mod_rewrite

It’s required to have a URL with secure protocol while payment related pages. This payment mainly occurs in online shopping sites. So what to do when you have developed you site with http and now user wants that all pages should be using https since here money comes into the play. There are two ways. […]

Reduce the Number of DOM Elements | Best Practice to Speed up your Website

A complex page means more bytes to download and it also means slower DOM access in Javascript. It make difference if you are looping through lots of DOM elements on page to add an event handler.

Tips to speed up website and get high ranking in ySlow

In some previous posts I have described some website optimization rules which Yahoo consider. Yahoo have developed the best website monitoring tool “ySlow“.

Expire Header | Cache-Control Header | Best Practice to Speed up your website

For rich interface websites for first-time visitor to your page may have to make several HTTP requests, but by using the Expires header you make those components cacheable.

PDO Introduction | PHP DATA OBJECT | Lightweight and Consistent interface for accessing multiple databases in PHP

PDO (PHP Data Object) is the lightweight and consistent interface for accessing the multiple databases (even of different types) through PHP.

Use of Content Delivery Network – Best Practice to Speed up your website

Deploying your content to multiple, geographically dispersed servers make your pages load faster from end users perspectives.

Minimize HTTP Requests – Best Practice to Speed up your website

Most of the end user response time is spent on downloading images, scripts, Flash, components, etc. This might be the problem while dealing with the Rich Interface websites in which developer require number of different images, scripts and CSS files.