Mootools Core 1.2.5 releases

Mootools have now released the Core Version 1.2.5. This is the final version of the mootools 1.2 series.

This mootools version 1.2.5 is a maintenance release, and contain fixes for the latest beta browsers such  as Firefox 4 Beta, chrome 6 and ie9 beta.

Here is the change log.

  • Fix for the fireEvent under IE9 beta.
  • Forcing MooTools bind implementation to work with latest gecko/ webkit beta browsers.
  • Fixes HTML Elements creation in IE9 Beta.
  • Fixed Element garbage collection in IE.

Or, if you prefer, you can have look at the actual Code Diff.

And as usual we can quickly download or build our own version.

But do not forget that there will be release of MooTool 1.3 in following days.

Source : MooTools Blog

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