Magento: Set, Get and Unset Session Variable

In this quick article we will see how we can deal with Session variable in Magento. Here dealing include set new variable, get value of existing variable and deleting existing variable.

Dealing with Magento Session

Here I will take as example of saving email id in Magento session.

Magento: Set Session Variable

$email = '[email protected]';

// Set value in session

Magento: Get Session Variable

$email = '';
$email = Mage::getSingleton('core/session')->getEmailID();

Magento: Unset Session Variable


In above three example you must be thinking that from where function name like setEmailID, getEmailID and unsEmailID are initialized? But that is the magic of PHP Magic Methods.

In Above example you will find that EmailID, you can use anything you want for that. It will be treated as key of your session variable, important part is set, get and uns. Those are responsible to set, get and unset the session variables in Magento.

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