Magento: Disable Admin Notification Popup

Every time you login to Magento admin panel, you will get notification popup which includes various updates about Magento.

Magento admin notification popup

It’s a good thing to stay updated about your software but I think that is the part of the Developer’s life, end client never like these pop up on every login about which they don’t know anything.

In this quick tip I will show you how we can disable those popup. That popup is functionality of one of the Magento module. So disabling this popup is same as disabling module in Magento. All you need to know is the name of that module.:)

  1. Login to Magento Admin Panel. You will get popup. :)
  2. Go to System >> Configuration >> Advance
  3. Disable the Module named “Mage_AdminNotification”, check below image for more informatiom.

Magento admin notification module

Now it’s time to Clear Magento cache and try login again, No popup Hurray!!!

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