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Disable Cookies using .htaccess file

Here I comes with the quick tip, this is small tip but very effective. This is about disabling the Cookies on site.

You might be suprised that, Why someone would like to disble the cookies on the website? I would say that is the proper question, but sometimes it would be good to disable the cookies especially for the Cookie Free Domain.

Cookie Free Domain?

Cookie Free Domain is just like simple domain or sub domain which are used to serve the static contents and which have no one cookies are set. So when we have separate domain for the serving the static content the it will increase the performance of the website by loading the content in parallel. But what is the relation with the disabling the cookies? You can find this relation in benefit section of this article.

Disable Cookies using .htaccess

Here are the simple just two lines to disable cookies on domain using Htaccess file.

  Header unset Cookie
  Header unset Set-Cookie


When browser makes any request to the server then it will send all cookies in header with all request. So let’s assume if you have 1 KB of cookies set and you are making 100 requests to the server then that 1 KB will sent to server 100 times and server also send that back to browser aswell.

So I hope you are now clear with the concept/relation of the Cookie Free Domain and disabling the cookies with .htaccess file.

If you want to create a cookie free subdomain for wordpress then you will like this article for sure.

So I keep this topic open over here. You can ask questions by comments if you have any.

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