Rename .htaccess File

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For most of the sites .htaccess file is handling the most of the stuffs, mainly the URL redirections of the site. So site attacker can guess that you may have .htaccess file and they may harm your site. They can access the .htaccess file if you have not protected it using the method described here.

Setup 404 Handler Using .htaccess

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PHP have one great file called .htaccess file. With this file you can do lots of stuff which you might have not imagine. In this post I will show you the trick to set up the 404 handler using .htaccess file. What is 404 Handler? 404 handle is just like a fallback page, which should […]

Protect .htaccess File

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For PHP websites htaccess files handles the most of the stuffs like, redirection, server side caching, server side compression. We can also protect files and folder using this .htaccess file.

Redirect some pages from http to https using apache mod_rewrite

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In previous post ( here ) I have described that how can we redirect all pages of any website from http to https protocol. In some case you want that only some of the pages to redirect to https but not all pages. In that case the code in above post will not work hence […]

Redirect http to https using Apache mod_rewrite

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It’s required to have a URL with secure protocol while payment related pages. This payment mainly occurs in online shopping sites. So what to do when you have developed you site with http and now user wants that all pages should be using https since here money comes into the play. There are two ways. […]