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Limit Request Methods Using .htaccess

There can be a case when you want to restrict any request methods for your website. Restrict in the sense you don’t want user to perform that action.

Set 301 Redirection using .htaccess File

There are several methods available using .htaccess file to redirect user from one page to another. 301 is one of the type to redirect user from one page to another. 301 Redirection also known as Permenant Redirection. In this article we will see how to set up the 301 redirection from file. 301 redirection can […]

Set Error Document with .htaccess

.htaccess file has a great command over websites. You can perform lots of things without changing the web server’s configuration file.

Protect file using .htaccess

This post is about to explain the use of .htaccess for protecting any file on your server. Earlier I have explained the use of htaccess file to protect the .htaccess file. Here is the code which shows the trick to protect the file using .htaccess file. Protect File using .htaccess 12345 # protect file  <Files personal_data.txt> […]

Set Expire Headers using .htaccess

It is a good practice to set the expire header for the static content like css, images and js files. When you set the far future expire days for the static content then browser will serve those resource from the cache till that date. So it recommeded to set the far future date for the […]

KeepAlive Directive Explained

KeepAlive Directive is used to enables the HTTP Persistence connections. This is the persistance connection features of HTTP/1.1 which provides the long lived HTTP session which can be sent over same TCP connection. Using KeepAlive is closely related to the MaxClients setting. Note: In some cases 50% improvement in latency time for HTML document with […]

Set Default Character Set using Htaccess

Character set defines list of the characters recognized by the hardware or the software. Each character is represted by the number.

Prevent Directory Listing using htaccess

When any user comes to the website and if your default page like index.html, index.php not found then webserver will list out all the directories and files to the webpage. Here is the snippet which disable the directory listing to the web page. Below code will produce 403 error if no default page is found.