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Install BCmath Extension in PHP

PHP offers a various extension to deal with different cases. BCMath is one of PHP extension which helps us while working with float values in PHP. In BCMath, BC Stands for Binary Calculator. In this article, we will see how to Install BCMath Extension in PHP on various platforms. BC Stands for Binary Calculator Install […]

Secure Websites – Why Using an SSL Certificate is Important

There has been a big shift towards a more secured World Wide Web these past couple of years. Websites are not using SSL security to safeguard data transmissions to and from the server. Top names such as Google and Microsoft are pushing a more secured internet forward too; Google even started prioritizing secured websites in […]

Parse .html as PHP with Apache

When we install PHP with Apache, Apache will be able parse files with .php extension and execute the same. But in Apache we can tweak configuration in that way so Apache start to parse other file extension as php file.

WordPress URL Rewrite for Zeus Web Server

In this article we will see how to make WordPress URL Rewrite work on Zeus Web Server. Mostly you will find this web server on Namesco Hosting Provider. When I have delt with this hosting company, I was not sure that they are using Zeus Web Server for Linux Hosting. When I have checked, I […]

Create a VirtualHost for Apache in UBUNTU

In this article I am going to share steps to create a new virtualhost for Apache in UBUNTU. Before starting with the steps I assume that you already have installed the apache and it working properly. If you have not installed it then you just need to perform below command in the terminal. 1sudo apt-get […]

Set DirectoryIndex using .htaccess

DirectoryIndex is one of the available setting/directive available in apache. This is use to set the defalut page of the server. Here default page means when you just type your domain or point the URL to any directory then it will serve the default file set in the Apache configuration.

Enable GZip Compression using .htaccess

Its a best practice to serve the compressed content over the internet to dramatically save the bandwidth of the user. In this article I will cover how to compress the static content over the internet using Apache and .htaccess file.

nginx www Redirect

After few days of study about the nginx I have something to write about nginx. Its a very basic things but can say a good start too. ;) I am writing this article for redirecting non www website to www and www website to non www using nginx permanent redirection. In nginx just like apache […]