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Get Browser Viewport size with JavaScript

This is quick article related to JavaScript we will see how we can get browser viewport size using Core JavaScript, MooTools and jQuery.

Welcome WordPress 3.5

Great News!!!!! WordPress 3.5 is now here and ready to use. So I would like you to share what new things we can have in WordPress 3.5.

Getting Started with MooTools

Recently I have started writing for, is the only website which is fully dedicated to only and only JavaScript. On that site I have planned to contribute and here I come with the very first article on that site.

HTML5 Autofocus Explained

Autofocus is also one of the important enhancement in HTML5. In OLD days we used to achieve this with JavaScript code. But now this can be achieved with the HTML code only. We just need add one more attributes to the HTML element. For example if you look at the Google Homepage; cursor is automatically […]

Need Facebook Likes?

I think everybody needed this. Who don’t like Facebook Likes? As they are playing very major roles in promoting your business and products. Main reason is that Facebook becomes the part of people’s life. Most of the people would like to stay connected with the Facebook so don’t miss any updates from their friends or […]

Some Media Queries for Responsive Design

Now a days web is moving towards the responsive design. Media Queries are playing a Major role in creating responsive sites.

Magento : Get Skin and Media URLs

In this article we will see; in Magento how we can get Skin, Media and Other URLs in Static block and .phtml file. In one of the earlier article we have seen 4 ways to get Magento Homepage URL. Now in this article we will see how to get Skin, Media URL in .phtml file […]

4 Ways to Get Magento Homepage URL

Here I comes with one more quick tip for Magento, earlier we have seen tips to detect the pages in Magento. In this article I would like to share 4 ways with which you can get home page URL in Magento. Among these 4 methods, 3 can be used within the code and 1 method […]