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9 Tweaks to Functions.php that can Tailor Your WordPress Site

Being an aspiring WordPress developer, it’s essential for you to figure out the nuts and bolts of functions.php file. It’s an integral part of the WordPress core and plays a huge role when it comes to developing or modifying a theme. Functions.php file is a core file within your theme and gives you enough control […]

What’s New in PHP 5.6

Another post for tuts+ and this time its all about latest version of PHP which is PHP 5.6. In this article we will discuss about change log of PHP 5.6. Backward Incompatible Changes json_decode GMP Resources Mcrypt Array Values and Overwriting New Features in PHP 5.6 Constant Scalar Expressions Variadic Functions via “…” Argument Unpacking […]

HTML5 Page Visibility API

After very long time I have written for tuts+ network and this time its about HTML5 Page Visibility API. Here I am going to grab extract of that full article. In earlier days, we had browsers that did not feature tabbed browsing, but today when you look at all browsers available, we can see that […]

Install PHP CodeSniffer on Windows Machine

In Programming world there are many tools available which can help us to improve productivity. This productivity tools can be anything which can help to reduce development time, help to improve code quality, help to track bugs easily, help to build products easily, etc. In this article we will focus on improving Code Quality. Very […]

Prestashop 1.6 Review and Feature List

In earlier days people were not much used to performing online shopping especially while sharing their confidential information like credit card, debit card and bank account details. But the time has changed now and people have started believing on online purchasing rather than standing in long lines in shopping malls.

Magento: Change Database Prefix

In this quick article we will see how you can perform database table prefix change for Magento.

Magento: Set, Get and Unset Session Variable

In this quick article we will see how we can deal with Session variable in Magento. Here dealing include set new variable, get value of existing variable and deleting existing variable.

Check URL Existence with PHP

In this article we will see how to Check URL Existence with PHP. Here existence means we are checking content which we are requesting is available on server or not.