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Null Coalescing Assignment Operator in PHP 7.4

PHP 7.4 comes with many good features but this one of my personal favorite. I am sure as a developer, you will also love this short and clean version of code.

W3Layouts – Best Website Builder

Evolution is always there in everything around us. The major evolution we have studied so far is us, i.e. Human Evolution. Don’t afraid we will leave human evolution to Darwin :). What we are going to discuss today is the Evolution of Web Development.

Everything You Need to Know Concerning WordPress

Have you ever found yourself wondering why WordPress is so immensely popular among web developers? After all, there must some good reasons why it’s so widespread in the online world. This is massive: Over 75 million WordPress sites are known to exist, making up about a third of all active websites on the Internet! Before […]

Facts about Magento You Should Know

Magento is unarguably one of the largest website platforms that offers remarkable e-commerce solutions for small and large-scale businesses, firms, and personal projects. It is an easy go-to for programmers and is currently being used by big industry players like Ford, Samsung, Christian Louboutin, Lenovo, Fox Connect, Coca-Cola, and Nike because of its open-source feature […]

Magento 1 Vs Magento 2 [Infographic]

It is often seen as a matter of conflict between Magento 2 users when it comes to Magento 2 migration. Since its release, Magento 2 has dominated the ecommerce market with its state of the art design, superior coding and latest features. However, migrating to Magento 2 has been held by many insecurities that have […]

Yii2: Connection string for different Database Server

Yii2 supports different database server types and each one have its own way to connect to database. To connect with any database we need to prepare DSN for connection. In this quick tip we are going to see how DSN should be created for different Database servers. If you are running basic app of Yii2 […]

Leading PHP Frameworks Compared – Laravel vs Yii2!

There are several PHP frameworks that developers use for their web development and designing projects. Laravel and Yii2 are two leading PHP frameworks that experienced programmers prefer for varied reasons. In the famous PHP frameworks of this time, Laravel and Yii 2 are two highly competitive frameworks that come up with amazing capabilities which enhance […]

How can Podcasting be Helpful for your WordPress Website?

Managing any website is typical as there are lots of aspects associated with it. From maintaining the website on a regular basis to updating the content, adding new design features etc. there is lots which need to be done. One such problem arises when you need to upload audios or videos onto your website. Doing […]