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Awesome Rainbow Effect With CSS3

CSS3 is the most discussed topic since long time. Today I was surfing and found a very Cool effect achieved by the CSS3. This the trick of the CSS3 gradient effect but with the little bit of tweak is creating a very cool effect. I am giving the code explaination for this. HTML: 1234<h1 class="rainbow"> […]

CSS Pseudo-Class

A pseudo-class is similar to class in HTML. But it’s not declared in Markup explicitly. A pseudo-class starts with the colon(:). There is no white space appear between the selector and colon. Also there should be no white space after the colon. If we start from the beginning, then CSS1 introduced the :link, :visited and […]

Google font api to make web better

What are the Google Font API and the Google Font Directory? The Google Font Directory provides high-quality web fonts that you can include in your pages using the Google Font API. The Google Font API helps you add web fonts to any web page. Benefits of the Google Font API include: A choice of high […]

CSS Selection Styling

We all know that CSS is used for styling of the webpage content. As CSS updates arrives we get more control over element styling and designing. Here is one of them updates from CSS to assign selection color to the text on webpage. Windows provides dark blue color to the selected text and MAC provide […]

Pure CSS Hide and Display HTML Elements without Javascript

This is the demo of the CSS hides and display method. Here we are going to learn how to create this pure CSS hide and display method step by step in order to give you the reader a better idea of the whole process in creating your very own content hide and display areas. Let’s […]

Google Doodle on 115th anniversary of X-Rays

Google have just changed its loge to celebrate the 115th anniversary of the Discovery of the X-Rays. Just go back to past and you found that, On November 8, 1895, German physicist and Professor Wilhelm Rontgen discovered the use of X-ray in medicine when he saw a picture of his wife’s hand on a photographic […]

cool google doodle for the flintstones

Recently Google is displaying their creativity by their work as well as by their cool doodles.