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Common Mistakes Graphic Designers Should Avoid Making

Graphic designing is a creative field, but that doesn’t mean that it is starved of rules, best practices, and guidelines that together help a designer come up with a truly beguiling website. While graphic designers have made great leaps in augmenting their knowledge and skills on the UX and UI elements, but it’s about understanding […]

Top reasons to choose HTML5 – Infographic

HTML5 is the most popular framework at the moment without doubt and with sound reason. HTML5 is fresh and devoid of unnecessary, winding codes that are ubiquitous to traditional web developers. A whiff of fresh air, HTML5 DocType chops off long lines of code and dirty head tags. Creating a clear and descriptive code is […]

Free Download: Sweet Candy UI Kit

How about freebies guys? From the folks at Pixelkit, we are giving PSD download of a Sweet Candy UI Kit. Just have a look at glimpse of it and download it from link below. Download it, enjoy it and share it with your friends

Understanding The Concept of Off-canvas Menu Design

The off-canvas menu design has been increasingly becoming a much sought-after design pattern for many websites. The design is gaining popularity as the primary navigation pattern that looks great on both mobile as well as desktop layouts. It’s a much strategic way of maintaining context while giving a required level of information and a sense of satisfaction to the visitor.

20 Awesome Free User Icon Set

You will find icons on every second site you visit on web. Because icons are way to represent the things in pictorial way. And when we talk about user icons, it becomes the way to represent your self if it is well designed and attractive.

Cross Browser Grayscale Images with CSS Filter

In this quick article we will see how we can get Cross Browser Gray scale images with just CSS Filter only.

Elegant Themes Giveaway From Expert Developer

I am really very happy to announce the very first give away on this site. I have planned to start with a small giveaway and later we will have more bigger and attractive from Expert Developer. We will keep this giveaway open for 20 days. What you will receive? Two lucky readers will receive bundle […]

Awesome CSS3 Pulse Effect

Here we comes with another CSS3 tips and tricks. Earlier we have posted about the CSS3 Rainbow Effect. In this tutorial we will create pulse effect using CSS 3 property only. I am going to create this effect using CSS3 Keyframe Animation. Its just like to create tween effect using javascript. This will work on […]