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PHP Magic Constants Explained

Like PHP Magic Methods we have number of Constants defined in PHP. PHP team has declared 8 of the constants as Magic Constants.

Why We Use Memcache for PHP Sessions?

Few Days back I have posted about storing the PHP Session in MemCache Server. Before this article I have also written about setting up PHP Session Path. With this article you should be able to instruct PHP to set your session on specific location defined by you.

View Image Stored in Database on Webpage

In earlier article we have check to store the image in database using the BLOB datatype. In this article we will check for how to display the images which are stored in database rather than images which are stored in specific folders. If you have stored images in database then displaying those images is not […]

Why We Clone the Objects in PHP

Today one of my team member had asked that, “Why we clone the Objects in PHP?”. I was surprised with the question for few seconds. Then I have made a quick search and found the answer for the same. Full detailed question is just like “Why we use object cloning even if we can create […]

PHP const Keyword Explained

With PHP we can define such variables whose values can not be changed after assigning. These varibles called . What is const? Constants are one type of variable which we can define for any class with keyword . Value of these variables can not be changed any how after assigning. Class constants are diffrent than […]

PHP Final Keyword Explained

PHP 5 introduced lots of new things in Object Oriented Programming. Final keyword is one of the feature introduces in PHP 5. What is Final Keyword? In PHP, Final Keyword is applicable to only class and class methods. We can not declare variables as Final in PHP. So if you declare class method as a […]

PHP Error Reporting

PHP has several types of errors to display, like Error, Warning, Notice, etc. PHP has given the control to developer for what types of errors should be displayed. function is used to set the error reporting level of the PHP web application. This function set the error reporting directive at run time. We can set […]

Change WordPress Database Prefix

In one of my earlier post I have mentioned that it is good to change the wordpress database prefix to secure your wordpress installation.