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Get Hover Direction with MooTools

Here is the quick MooTools tip to get the Hover direction. Here Hover direction refers to the side from where you have hovered that element. First of all I would like to thanks Caspar, for this logic at here. I have modified this script to make it work with MooTools. That script was compatible with […]

Learning LESS CSS : Variables

Here I come with the new article in this series of LESS CSS. If you are not sure about previous article then I would recommend you to read this article about LESS CSS Introduction. In this previous article we have looked into basics of LESS CSS and how to get started section. In this article […]

Learning LESS CSS – Introduction

Hi all reader, Just like MySQL Stored Procedure, here I come with brand new article series which for LESS CSS. First of let me explain what is LESS CSS.

CSS3 Box Menu

Hi guys, Here I come with very cool box effect menu using just CSS3 and HTML. I am pretty sure that you have read my one of the previous article for CSS3 Pulse Effect. I have used box-shadow and transform effect to make this happen. Also I have used some pseudo element selector to provide […]

Check Network Status using HTML5 and Javascript

As we all know HTML5 a major revolution in WWW. Most of the developers have started using HTML5 in their real projects if you have not started yet then do it start from now becuase HTML5 is going to be buzz in next couple of years in the Web technology. You can see that big […]

Solution: Property ‘submit’ of object #<HTMLFormElement> is not a function

If you have came accross this problem then you are at right place for the solution. I have the same problem and I was not sure what the real problem is. I was just about to bang my head on WALL :). But hopefully I have found the solution for the same. But first let […]

HTML contenteditable attribute Explained

You might have seen my earlier article for Notifications in HTML 5 for Chrome browsers. It was very popular among the developers and designers. Now I am writing an article about attribute which is contenteditable. In earlier days it was a very time taking task if our client wants to have the lable gets editable […]

Configure PHP, Apache, MySQL on Ubuntu 11.10

I have started working with Ubuntu 11.10 and my first task was to install PHP, Apache and MySQL in that. This is because without these three things computer is useless for PHP Developer.