Take Webpage Screenshot with HTML5 and JavaScript

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Here I come with the one quick tip related to HTML5 and JavaScript. This is about to take webpage screenshot using HTML5 and JavaScript code only. Yes you have read it correct its using HTML5 and JavaScript only. :) Without wasting much time let’s have a look at code and yes working example for sure. […]

Install APC on Ubuntu for PHP

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In one of earlier article we have seen about installing MemcacheD on Ubuntu. Now in this article we will see how to install APC on Ubuntu for PHP. What is APC? APC Stands for Alternative PHP Cache. Let’s take definition from the php.net The Alternative PHP Cache (APC) is a free and open opcode cache […]

Install Memcached on Ubuntu for PHP

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In this article we will see how we can Install MemcacheD for PHP on Ubuntu. Memcached is very useful for increasing the site performance. There are several ways in which you can increase the site performance with MemcacheD, I have already written one of the way on this site which you can find at Save […]

WordPress Filter Hook Explained

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As definition says Filter hooks are used to manipulate the text/content before being displayed on browser screen. So we will leans Wordpress Filter Hooks in this article.

WordPress Action Hooks Explained

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Hi All, Here now I am about to move one step ahead in WordPress Hook Article Series. Earlier what we have seen is Introduction to the Hooks in wordpress. In this article I am going to cover one of the Hook type in wordpress which is Action Hooks. What are Action Hooks? Before saying anything […]

Learning LESS CSS – Nested Rules

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Here I comes with the next article in this article series. This article is about Nested Rules in LESS CSS. But before starting this article let’s have a look at what we have a covered so far. Flashback Upto now we have covered Introduction to LESS CSS, Variables in LESS CSS and Mixins in LESS […]

WordPress Hooks – Introduction

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WordPress!!!!! When I hear this word, I can imagine all kind of websites, in fact I have developed so many types of websites so far. But have you ever think on why wordpress have received very much popularity? Yes or No? As per me there are two main factors to gain very much popularity. Online […]

Learning LESS CSS – Mixins

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Here I come up with the next article to this article series. This article is about Mixins in LESS CSS. So first let’s have a flashback of what we have covered so far. Flashback Till date we have covered Introduction of LESS CSS and in the second article we have covered the Variables in LESS […]