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PHP 7 – New Operators

PHP people are hoping for release of PHP 7 in 2015. So 2015 is being considered as an important year for PHP as it’s been 11 years for release of PHP 5. As this is about be very be very major release of PHP, it has lot many things added, lot many things removed which […]

Design Patterns: The Facade Pattern

Recently I have started to writing article series for Tuts+, and this time topic is very interesting which is “Design Patterns“. In this series of tutorials, we will cover some different design patterns that are available to us in programming. You’ll learn about their pros and cons, and factors that indicate where we should use […]

How to Animate the Applications Based on AngularJS

As a JavaScript framework, AngularJS has emerged as a truly amazing tool for building the single page applications. And this single page app structure goes a long way in giving our website the appeal of a native mobile application. The area where AngularJS truly makes a remarkable difference is that it lets us ad effects […]

Abstract Class vs Interface in PHP

This can be never ending discussion for group of developers. Yes its true because at a first glance Abstract Class and Interface doing the same thing. Before reading further if you want to look in details for both concepts then you can follow links below: Abstract Class in PHP Interface in PHP So I hope […]

Types of MVC: Conventional v/s Configurable

Now a days all the applications are being created using the MVC architecture, as it a most powerful and successful way to develop the application. In this article we will see comparison of different types of MVC architecture we have

PHP Exception Explained

In this long (I think so) article, we will see about basics of PHP Exception, how to work with it, advantages, disadvantage and how we can extend the Exception with our custom class.

Getting Started with PhoneGap

I have started exploring PhoneGap a few days ago. So you will get updates for PhoneGap too. Do you know what is PhoneGap?

MooTools AutoCompleter Class

This class is about to provide the support the autocomplete functionality. This will be useful for the search fields. This class uses the AJAX based autocomplete functionality so you don’t have to load array of all search values on page load.