prepare statements with PDO

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You should first read below article before continue with this article. PDO Introduction Mysql Connection PDO Many of the matured databases support the use of prepared statements. Prepares statements can be considered as a kind of compiled template for the SQL that as application wants to run, that can be customized using variable parameters. Prepared […]

Is Your PHP Application Affected by the Y2K38?

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What if you run below php code in your system? 123456<?php   $date = ‘2040-02-01’;   $format = ‘l d F Y H:i’;   $mydate1 = strtotime($date);   echo ‘<p>’, date($format, $mydate1), ‘</p>’; ?> With luck, you’ll see “Wednesday 1 February 2040 00:00” displayed in your browser. If you’re seeing a date in the late […]

MySql Database Connection with PDO

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In previous post I have introduced some basic introduction about the PDO ( PHP DATA OBJECT ).