Category: Tips & Tricks

Compress CSS Files using PHP

Here is the nice trick to compress your css files using PHP in easy way. For this trick you do not need to rename your .css file .php files.

Enable Flat Tables for Products and Categories in Magento

Magento uses the EAV database structure for storing the Products and Categories. Magento is extremely flexible because of the EAV database structure. To know more about the EAV database structure see my post on EAV database structure in Magento.

Limit Access to Local Area Network Using htaccess

Recently I have posted several articles describing the use of the .htaccess file. In this post I will explain how can we limit the access of the website to Local Area Network only.

Work with Google docs on the go

With Google docs, they have tried to do some interesting things every time. And also this time they have done it. Yes another new feature by Google which is really interesting. Most of the people have heard about Google Docs, with which you can share your docs to other person anywhere on world also can […]

How to detect browser using MooTools 1.3 javascript?

Browser Object is very useful, with this you not only can get information about you browser type and version but you can also get the users’ OS and plugin installed in browser. So let me show how can we get Browser features using Browser Object!

PHP coding tips for Performance Improvement

This post covers most performance improvement tips related to PHP coding. While working with small website or project it’s ok to ignore these tips, but when you are dealing with large website or project which is going to maintained for long term and which have large number of user base.

Generate Dynamic dummy images with PHP

There can be a cause where you want to display images dynamically like display images in post title, display image in background, etc. Of course we can do it with PHP GD functions but what if you don’t have to write all that function and you get ready images. Yes, now we can create dynamic […]