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Get Facebook Page Detail Using Graph API and PHP

Here is the technique to get the detail of the Facebook page with Graph API and PHP. This is the very easy method to get the Facebook page detail. So Let’s see how to get this done. With this method you can get below details of any Facebook page. 01) id 02) name 03) picture […]

Having Fun with MooTools

Since two three days I was playing with MooTools and created something interesting (i Feel). This may not be useful for any web application, but yes the concepts used here will surely useful for you while your working with the MooTools. I have used MooTools Tween and Morph effect to make the element moving. Have […]

10 Quick Tips: Optimizing & Speeding Up Your WordPress Site

Here goes my another article on TutsPlus network. This time I have written about optimizing the wordpress. Personally website optimization is my favourite task.

11 Quick Tips: Securing Your WordPress Site

In this post I have explained about securing the wordpress site with few Quick Tips. This tips covers verious points like protecting files, protecting important folders, protecting the database, etc.

Simple Image Placeholder Service

Today I have found a very nice site with very useful service. They are providing dummy image placeholder for web page. So i thought to share with all. The site is . Earlier I have posted about generating dynamic dummy images. This site gives same functionality with some better features. Lets see how this works. […]

Read Text File using PHP

Here is the simple trick to read the text file line by line. For this I am going to use the and function. This is code snippet I am going to take one text file and read it line by line. Let’s for the code: 123456$file = "/path/to/the/file"; $fp = fopen($file, "r"); while ( $line […]

Create a Zip File Using PHP

I am not sure about other programming language but for PHP yes its quite a simple job to create a zip file. You can say as simple as you create on your machine. PHP has a very useful class to create and manipulate the .Zip files. In this post I will show how to create […]

Get Real IP address of the Visitor using PHP

We all know that getting the IP address of the user is a quite easy job in PHP, even in any programming language. But are you sure that you are getting the real IP Address of the user? In php, is used to get the IP address of the user. But what happen if any […]