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Find External Links Using jQuery

What if you want to stylize all your external link with some different style. There are two options. Seach for each link and give different class to it Follow this article Yes, This article is about to explain about searching for all external links and add one more class to it. Here we will use […]

Generate Hex Code using JavaScript

Here is the quick tip in javascript. This will generate the hex code for you, using just one line of code. First of all thanks to Paul Irish for such a great code which helps us to get the hex code using JavaScript.

Detect iPad using .htaccess

Here is the small trick with which you can detect the iPad using htaccess file and make the redirection accordingly. This will be very useful when you are about to create a separate page for iPad users and want then to redirect. Have a look at below code block which detects the iPad using htaccess […]

Use Gravatar as Favicon

This article will show you the trick to set your Gravatar as your Favicon. So before moving further, have a look at article which show the method to generate Gravatar using PHP. After following the linked article you should be able to generate your Gravatar using your email address. We will use same technique to […]

Get Even and Odd Elements Using MooTools

Now a days JavaScript frameworks are must required part of the website when you are about to build rich website. MooTools is one of the Good frameworks available market.

Auto Prepend and Append PHP Files using htaccess

This article is about to explain the trick to auto append and prepend the php file using htaccess file. Surprised? Normally all project have some files which needs be included in all files of your project. Or there can be some files which needs to included at the starting of page execution and some file […]

PHP Session Save Path

This is the very useful function when you want to get or set your session save path. This function takes only one parameter which is option. This function will used to both set and get the session save path. What is Session Save Path? Session save path is path to any directory which will be […]

Get Twitter Follower Count with PHP

In previous post I have explined about getting the Facebook page details using Graph API and PHP. Now this post is about to get the Twitter Follower Count using PHP.