Detect an Ajax Request with PHP

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In this quick tip article we will see how we can detect AJAX request using PHP. This trick will be very useful and handy when you want the same request to behave differently for AJAX request and normal request.

Disable Login/Logout in MediaWiki

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We all know disabling login feature in MediaWiki is very odd thing. But recently I had to work for such feature. I want to make MediaWiki available to all user, there should not be login/logout feature at all.

Cufon Line Height Problem

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Today I am in discussion with one of the designer we have and we have found one strange thing about Cufon fonts. If you are not sure what cufon is, then I would recommended you to have read this article about cufon fonts.

Recover Files on GoDaddy Hosting

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Few days back I ran into problem and I lost my all fine(not sure how) but everything was blank on hosting account. All Sites were down, no latest backup on hand, what a scary situation was for me. After some search on recovering the files on GoDaddy, I have found a easiest way to recover […]

Which page is this? – Magento

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Finally Article on Magento after very long time. Last article which I have posted about magento is about Magento EAV Database structure. In that article I have explained the reason for the flexibility Magento. In this article I will talk about some tips and tricks which will be much helpful when you are dealing with […]

Check Element Existence with MooTools and jQuery

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Here I come up with the quick tip for Checking the existence of the element using the Two Major Javascript which are MooTools and jQuery. This trick will be useful when you want to check if the element with specific ID is available in DOM or not. This tricks is preferable to use on domready […]

Disable Cookies using .htaccess file

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Here I comes with the quick tip, this is small tip but very effective. This is about disabling the Cookies on site. You might be suprised that, Why someone would like to disble the cookies on the website? I would say that is the proper question, but sometimes it would be good to disable the […]

Install LAMP in two easy steps

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You might have seen my earlier post related to installing PHP, Apache and MySQL on UBUNTU 11.10. That process contains number of steps and some lengthy commands which we can not remember easily.