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Beware of foreach Loop in PHP

You must be surprised/scared after reading title of this article. But I would say yes, foreach loop can create very confusing bug in your program/application if it has not been used in proper way. I will demonstrate the same in this article. P.S.: This article does to mean to say foreach loop always creates problem, […]

Few important Variables in WordPress

WordPress is very good at extending functionality using plugins and good amount of action hook and filter hooks. When you look at core of WordPress it has many variables available which can help them (WordPress Team but in fact its available to us as well) to make code conditionally based on various browser type and […]

Magento: Get Payment Method name using Order ID

In this quick tip we will see how how we can get Payment Method name using the Magento Order ID. This will be very useful when you dealing with creating your own extension. Here article title is self explanatory that we are trying to accomplish, so without wasting time let’s look at the code block.

Contact Form 7: Redirect After Form Submission

Trick in this post may or may not be that much useful to developers, but for SEO guys I am sure this is going to be very useful. Well, Contact form 7 is the most used contact form plugin of best blogging platform which is WordPress.

Magento: Disable Admin Notification Popup

Every time you login to Magento admin panel, you will get notification popup which includes various updates about Magento.

Magento: Get User Details

In this quick tip we will see how we can get details of logged in customer in Magento. You can use below code snippet in any model, controller or phtml file.

Disable Admin Bar in WordPress

We are getting one admin bar in WordPress website when we are logged in as any user in that particular. This is default feature provided by WordPress team.

Catch Fatal Errors in PHP

In this tutorial we will see how to catch the fatal errors in PHP. Normally we can’t cache FATAL Error because those are FATAL. This will be useful when you want to show specific well formatted error page rather than PHP Error, when your program ends unexpectedly due to some fatal errors.