NULL Safe Equal In MySQL

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This operator performs an equiality check just like the = operator does, but it will return 1 instead of NULL if both operands are NULL and will return 0 instead of NULL if one operand is NULL. Sign for NULL safe operator is Here are some examples showing the usage of the NULL Safe Operator […]

Mysql Query State

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Whenever you perform your query on MySQL database, MySQL Server will pass that query from the diffrent states. There are around 65 query states available. I am going show few most used states over here. If you are using PHPMyAdmin then you will not able to see these states. You will need to use the […]

Control Flow Functions in MySQL

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Control function returns value based on each row processed by the query executed. Control functions can be used on SELECT, WHERE, ORDER BY and GROUP BY statements.

Export Data into file using MySQL

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With MySQL we can easily export our selected rows to the files. MySQL has several syntax which can export the retrieved rows into the file. Yes we can import these rows back to database tables also.

Speed up Query using MySql Query Cache

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We are going to devide this post in four section. Here are the sections: How Query Cache Works How to use the Query Cache Query Cache Configuration Query Cache Status & Maintenance Let’s go into each step one by one. How Query Cache Works When you perform any query then MySql will cache the query […]