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Starting with MySQL Events

Today I am going to start the series of the articles. This series is about Basics of MySQL Events, Creating and Altering the Events, Managing the Events and all that. This article is about to cover Basics of MySQL Events. What Is MySQL Events? MySQL Events are just like an bunch of queries which we […]

Get Count of Tables From MySQL Database

Now a days I have work for one application in which I have to create and drop tables dynamically and based on these new tables I have to perform such actions. So I have to count the numbers of available tables frequently have to perform further tasks in application. For counting the tables I have […]


and are most likely to used when your playing with the subqueries in MySQL. So these will be used when you want to perform operation based on checking row existance of the other table or even same table. If sub query will return any value then EXISTS will be and NOT EXISTS will be . […]


and are the datatypes of the MySQL. This article is to cover similarity and difference of both datatypes. Both are almost same but for some aspects both behave slight different based on condition. Introduction CHAR and VARCHAR are almost same but both are different at the stage of storing and retriving the data from the […]

Row Locking With MySQL

MySQL has several types of Table Storage Engines. Each types can be used based on need. Like if your database has large number of READ operation rather than INSERT and UPDATE then its better to use MyISAM. But for large number of INSERT and UPDATE operations its better to use the InnoDB. InnoDB follows the […]

Sleep Process Thread in MySQL

While working with the MySQL Administrator, You can see the list of all connections. Have you checked the different status of the each connections?

MySQL Safe Update Mode Explained

Recently I was performing one very simple MySQL query. But I am not getting success for that query. So after few mins of research I am found the solution for that.

MySQL Table Overhead

If you are familier with the PhpMyAdmin then you might have seen the column overhead in the table listing page. So what is this table overhead? So I am trying to explain this in very simple way as much I can: Whenever you delete rows from the MySQL tables, it creates a unoccupied space in […]