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PostgreSQL : Truncate table with restart PK Auto increment value

It’s very easy to truncate table in any database but all database have some uniqueness in each of them. I have written this quick tip to show how we can truncate table in PostgreSQL with restarting primary key auto increment value. Here is the simple command to truncate table but it won’t reset the autoincrement […]

mysql_connect v/s mysql_pconnect

When you tried to connect to the MySQL database using PHP, you will find two types of functions for connection.

Order By with Group By in MySQL

Its a post after so long time, actually very busy schedule. But today I got something to learn to I have managed spare some time for the same and consider sharing with all my readers. We will see how to use Order By with Group by in MySQL.

Connect to MySQL Server on Linux From Windows

Here I come with quick tip. This is about when you find problem when your MySQL Server is running on Linux machine and you are trying to connect from Windows Machine. You might think its should not be a problem, but the fact is that, you will face problem when you have such condition where […]

Transaction in MySQL Stored Procedure

Here I come with the second last article in the MySQL Stored Procedure Article Series. In this article we will learn about Transaction in MySQL Stored Procedure. But first let’s have a flashback of the articles now.


Here I come with the quick but very usefult tip for the MySQL queries. I will explain COALESCE function of the MySQL. COALESCE is used to get the first NOT NULL value from the passed arguments. This function can takes any number of arguments. Let’s see how you can use this function. 12345SELECT COALESCE(NULL, NULL, […]

Loops in MySQL Stored Procedure

Hi all, Here we reach to the Loops in MySQL Stored Procedure. But before starting, I hope you are aware of previous articles. If not let me give falshback first. Flashback Upto now we have covered the basic Introduction For Stored Procedure in MySQL, then we have compeleted the Types of Parameter in MySQL Stored […]

Conditional Control in MySQL Stored Procedure

Hello guys, here goes the third article of this series. If you are not sure about this article series then I would recommonded you to start from the first article in this series. Now let’s have quick flashback of the past articles. Flashback In first article we have covers basics of the stored procedure which […]