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Beware of foreach Loop in PHP

You must be surprised/scared after reading title of this article. But I would say yes, foreach loop can create very confusing bug in your program/application if it has not been used in proper way. I will demonstrate the same in this article. P.S.: This article does to mean to say foreach loop always creates problem, […]

Abstract Class vs Interface in PHP

This can be never ending discussion for group of developers. Yes its true because at a first glance Abstract Class and Interface doing the same thing. Before reading further if you want to look in details for both concepts then you can follow links below: Abstract Class in PHP Interface in PHP So I hope […]

Few important Variables in WordPress

WordPress is very good at extending functionality using plugins and good amount of action hook and filter hooks. When you look at core of WordPress it has many variables available which can help them (WordPress Team but in fact its available to us as well) to make code conditionally based on various browser type and […]

Install PHP CodeSniffer on Windows Machine

In Programming world there are many tools available which can help us to improve productivity. This productivity tools can be anything which can help to reduce development time, help to improve code quality, help to track bugs easily, help to build products easily, etc. In this article we will focus on improving Code Quality. Very […]

Prestashop 1.6 Review and Feature List

In earlier days people were not much used to performing online shopping especially while sharing their confidential information like credit card, debit card and bank account details. But the time has changed now and people have started believing on online purchasing rather than standing in long lines in shopping malls.

mysql_connect v/s mysql_pconnect

When you tried to connect to the MySQL database using PHP, you will find two types of functions for connection.

Magento: Change Database Prefix

In this quick article we will see how you can perform database table prefix change for Magento.

Types of MVC: Conventional v/s Configurable

Now a days all the applications are being created using the MVC architecture, as it a most powerful and successful way to develop the application. In this article we will see comparison of different types of MVC architecture we have