Poll Of the Month – June 2012

By Avinash

June 04, 2012Poll2 Comments

As we all know that CSS pre-processor are making very good place in the Web Technology. So this month’s poll is to get the idea/opinion about the two most used CSS Pre processor which are LESS and SASS.

If you are not sure what are CSS Pre Processors then you can have a look at this article series and subscribe to our RSS Feed to get the upcoming articles right into your inbox.

So now it’s time cast your vote from LESS or SASS.

Which CSS Pre-Processor you Prefer?

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  • lol

    why do I need install ruby to get css formated?
    sass suxs!

    –excuse me about my english grammar…

  • http://www.webdesigntrails.com mackdk

    You don’t have to install ruby to use SASS. Just use an app like scout to compile. Moreover, with SASS you can use Compass which is really a powerful library.