Poll of the Month – April 2012

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  • Apr 18, 2012
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Its too late this month for Poll of the month but finally I have come up with Poll of this month. Question for this month’s poll is “Which one you Prefer for Design: Photoshop or Fireworks

Photoshop / Fireworks

It would be better if you provide your thinking/views via comment for you vote. For your information my vote goes to Photoshop for many reasons like big community, better tools available and number of other reasons.

[polldaddy poll=6149833]

I would like to get your views for this poll also with some views and comments.

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  • http://falgunipatel.in falguni

    photoshop is easy to use for design and also its provided many tools for design

  • http://variabledisaster.com madcream10

    I use Fireworks because it is so nice to have all my graphics and mockups in a single file. If I make a change or a lot of changes, I just export all slices – done. Or right-click a single slice and export. In Photoshop, I would hate to log the number of actions that I would need to do to accomplish the same thing. Heck, even naming the individual slices used to be so horrible I couldn’t figure out why any designer would prefer it except through ignorance. But we each have our own preferred workflow. Every now and then I try to do a similar workflow with Photoshop but I don’t think Adobe gets it yet. Maybe I should try again with the upcoming CS6.