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  • Mar 20, 2012
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As we all know that PHP team has released the PHP 5.4 on March 1 2012. PHP 5.4 comes with lots of bug fixes and number of new features. Here you can find the list of all features added in PHP 5.4.

As in linked article we can see that we have numbers of new features, But the question is Are we still ready to upgrade to PHP 5.4?

Are we ready to go with PHP 5.4?

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Share your thoughts over here on this question.

My personal thinking is that, there is still much time needed to get the PHP 5.4 in production environment. My suggestion is that, only use PHP 5.4 only if you really need some of its features like Traits, Session Status, etc.

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  • http://www.usefulurl.com Johan N. Andersen

    I don’t see any reason to wait upgrading?

  • Álvaro Carneiro

    I think the same as johan.
    PHP 5.4 It’s more fast and comes with a server for development purposes.

    About PHP 5.4 I personally like (besides the speed) traits. It works perfect to me for example to work with CRUD something like this: