Poll of the Month – December 2011

By Avinash

December 02, 2011Poll6 Comments

Which CMS You Prefer for Website

Here is one more poll for the month.

Here I have choose the topic for the selection of the Open Sources of PHP. So which open source CMS you prefer to use for your site.

It will be great if you post your comment related to your selection also you can share any other CMS which you may know.

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  • http://www.itoctopus.com itoctopus

    The personal preference is WordPress, for its ease of use. But its seems that there is a lot of people who prefer Joomla instead (although WordPress is easier than Joomla).

    • http://www.xpertdeveloper.com Avinash

      Yes wordpress is easy plus easily customization

  • http://www.twitter.com/gafitescu Daniel Gafitescu


  • http://www.redaxo.org/ alsahh

    I like redaxo cause of its flexible way developing customer related cms back- and frontend

  • http://www.fhcb.net Florian Hamberger

    My personal favorite is WordPress as it is easily and universally to use. For complex websites, however, I’d use Drupal.

  • Michael

    XOOPS (www.xoops.org)