10 Quick Tips: Optimizing & Speeding Up Your WordPress Site

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  • Dec 06, 2011
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Here goes my another article on TutsPlus network. This time I have written about optimizing the wordpress.
Personally website optimization is my favourite task.

So In this article I have shared 10 Tips for optimizing the wordpress site.

01) Serve Static Content from a Cookie Free Domain
02) Set an Expire Header for the Static Content
03) Declare a Constant for Most Used WordPress Database Values
04) Optimize Your Database
05) Caching is the Key to Success
06) Use a CDN for High Traffic Websites
07) Compress and Combine JS and CSS Files
08) Compress Images
09) Compress Your Static Content with gZip
10) Manage eTags

Read full article at below url.

Optimize WordPress Site

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    I have a problem with te the cookies and i want to optimize that, can somebody help me to solve this problem? Thanks