Good Bye Dennis Ritchie

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  • Oct 16, 2011
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Dennis Ritchie the inventor of C programming language left us very silently. Dennis Ritchie usually knows as dmr.

Dennis Ritchie has created the C programming langauge with Ken Thompson. He has also developed the UNIX Operating System which powers all things on web now a days.

This article basically to share one small snippet of C language dedicated to Dennis Ritchie, I have not written this but I found on web and would like to share with all my readers.

Dennis Ritchie

Image from : bell-labs

Good Bye Dennis Ritchie

#include int main() { printf("goodbye, dad"); return 0; }
  #include <stdio.h>
  int main()
    printf("goodbye, dad");
    return 0;

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  • Nagarajan

    Hi Dennis Ritchie , you are the God for all modern programming languages. you are the pioneer to all guys(microsoft,google, etc….)

    RIP Dennis

    • Antti

      Yes, it seems they are. Also seems funnier then poruievs “Sherlock Holmes” movies. LOL, love the part with the big guy with the giant hammer.