Yahoo Mail gets makeover after 5 years to fight Microsoft and Google

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  • Oct 27, 2010
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Yahoo has finally decided to give a face-lift to its mail service to battle with Microsoft and Google. The company has decided to makeover the mail service after a long five years.

“People spend more than 300 billion minutes a month on Yahoo Mail,” the BBC quoted Dave McDowell, Yahoo Mail senior product manager, as saying.

Yahoo Mail gets makeover after 5 years

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“It is a critically important product to our users and this represents [the] most significant upgrade to Yahoo mail in five years,” he added.

Users can now view photos and videos from Flickr as well as post updates to Facebook and Twitter, Picasa and YouTube without ever leaving Yahoo Mail.

Improved spam filtering, tools to search through mail which help better to sort and priorities message are the other upgrades of the Yahoo service.

“Yahoo Mail is a critical product for the company with an enormous user base. The challenge for them is to make having a Yahoo Mail address cool,” said Industry analyst Greg Sterling, of Sterling Market Intelligence.

“In the past I would have said people don’t want all these functions in their e-mail box but with people now having so many sites to visit this makes sense,” he said.

“I think if Yahoo Mail performs well, they will win people over.”  he added.

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