Google instant is now available in India

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  • Oct 07, 2010
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Last month Google have launched the Instant search. This makes them more stable on search market in web.

Google instant is providing the search result as you type in the search box. User do not have to hit enter or search button. So this will save users time to search the pages by 30%. Instant is not only time saving but it’s also new and more fluid way to search the web.

But up to now this service was available on only, but Google have launched this service for India domain also.

People are learning to use Instant. In just two weeks, Google measure an increase in the fraction of searches performed without hitting enter or clicking search. People are used to searching on Google by hitting enter or clicking “search,” but Google must be happy to see that people are quickly adjusting to the new experience.

In the month since our initial release, Google extended Instant to Google Books, Videos, Blogs and Updates, and launched keyboard shortcuts to help you navigate through search results.  Google also learned more about how people are using Instant, and although it is still early days, They wanted to share some of those findings.

Source : Google India Blog

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