Generate Dynamic dummy images with PHP

By Avinash

September 02, 2010Tips & Tricks3 Comments

There can be a cause where you want to display images dynamically like display images in post title, display image in background, etc.

Of course we can do it with PHP GD functions but what if you don’t have to write all that function and you get ready images.

Yes, now we can create dynamic images with

This site provide the service to generate the dynamic images based on the parameters given.

It has many predefined sizes for popular uses (like banner) and works by sending the parameters in the URL Like:×200/333333/fff&text=This+is+a+Dummy+Image+for+Xpert+Developer

Dummy Image for Xpert Developer

Xpert Develoer : Dummy Image generator

You can check the dummy images generated above.

Website :

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